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  • … interested in an online personalised nutritional plan for long-term weight loss or boosting your endurance performances?
  • … a Registered Dietitian specialising in low-carb nutrition and having ideas on how we can connect / collaborate?
  • … a restaurant owner looking for help on how to add Keto friendly options to your menu?
  • … interested in working together in a different way?

Please get in touch, I am delighted to discuss the possibilities on how I (Lotte) can help you out or on how we can work together.

Keto should be fun, accessible to everyone, and most of all: easy to implement in our busy daily lives. Counting on Lotte from Lots of Keto means: saving precious time and energy. You only have to focus on preparing the meals and enjoying all the delicious food plus amazing health benefits that the keto world has to offer 🙂

What makes Lots of Keto different from other Keto websites?

Keto is booming and here to stay! That means there are lots of websites out there that focus on the Keto Diet, and provide materials like recipes and guides. So why choose Lots of Keto over other websites for counting on your recipes, meal plans, and other keto materials and services?

Lots of Keto means lots of value, because…

  • … I (the founder) am a Dutch Registered Dietitian, and therefore all content on Lots of Keto is 100% evidence-based.
  • … besides being registered as a Dietitian, I am certified in low-carb nutrition & treatment. In fact, I am the first Dutch Dietitian ever who has successfully completed the Professional Training in LCHF / Ketogenic Nutrition & Treatment.
  • … apart from free keto materials, it will be possible to book e consults, and receive personalised keto nutrition plans, programs, and tips. These coaching programs are based on your goals, ánd (time) preferences.
  • … besides providing online personalised nutrition advice, Lots of Keto advises businesses and restaurants on how to make their assortment / menu keto friendly.

Are you an individual looking for free keto-materials?

On Lots of Keto you can find the following free materials to help you succeed your keto lifestyle.

Keto recipes

What’s included in those recipes?

7 day keto meal plans

Keto guides & keto tips


  • Complete startup guide to keto
  • Keto guide for long distance runners: a 16-week first marathon training schedule combined with a meal plan
  • Keto food shopping lists
  • Infographics
  • And more…

Keto science / blog

It is also important ánd interesting to have a (basic) understanding of the science and facts behind a Keto Diet. You won’t follow a specific lifestyle when not knowing the how and why, right? Therefore, this page showcases the latest Keto science, most relevant studies, news, and fun facts.

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