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Keto infographics: science becomes easy with visuals!


The science behind keto is super interesting, but also sometimes quite complicated, and therefore difficult to understand. Relevant studies and researches consist mostly of many pages, and include scientific language plus lots of statistics. Therefore, on this page you find infographics of keto-related topics, presented in a visual way. This, to simplify the science behind keto, and make it easier for you to fully understand the why and how. For me as a dietitian it is extremely important to transfer my knowledge in a simple way, so you’ll have a good understanding of the positive effects of a keto diet. Of course it is easier to commit to a diet or lifestyle when you know what happens to your body and what the positive outcomes are!


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Keto infographics on the basic understanding of carbohydrates and fats

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Keto infographics on the basic understanding of ketosis, and keto foods

Keto food pyramid - Lots of Keto

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