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Within the past year, the Keto Diet has been getting credits for its rapid weight loss. But did you know that being in a state of ketosis has lots of other keto health benefits, and that it’s not only about weight loss? Here are 3 keto health benefits you can expect when following this low-carb high-fat approach.


#1 Increased endurance performances

During the first few days on a Keto Diet, you might experience the ‘keto flu’ when your body switches from using carbs as fuel to using fats as fuel. It’s called the ‘keto flu’, since you can experience flu-like symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, poor concentration, nausea, and weakness. It mostly occurs when you drastically reduce your carb-intake, and you don’t consume enough water and electrolytes.

Once your body gets used to using fat for fuel, you are very likely to experience much more energy in a sustainable way. This can improve your endurance performances big time, cause you don’t have to rely on carbs anymore, and therefore there’s no need to replenish. I crushed my marathon PR while being on keto, and it was amazing!!


#2 Improved mental clarity

For a long time, it has been said that your brain needs glucose in order to perform at its best. Nowadays, more and more research shows evidence that your brain operates more efficient on ketones instead of on glucose. Your liver produces ketones, in response of the absence of glucose. Since glucose is a quicker form of energy, and your body always takes the easiest path, your brain relies on glucose when you follow a ‘standard diet’.

On a Keto diet, your brain uses energy from ketones. This can result in improved mental clarity and memory, and better focus and concentration!


#3 Less sugar cravings

If you use carbohydrates as primary fuel, your blood glucose levels spike, and drop throughout the day. This mostly result into sugar cravings. If you ‘train’ your body to use fat as primary fuel, you experience a steady energy supply that lasts for hours. Therefore, you will experience less sugar cravings, and you can go longer without eating. If you are fully fat-adapted after a couple of months, you can even find yourself not feeling hungry for about 16-18 hours. Then, you can start experimenting with intermittent fasting, a common practice that provides extra health benefits if combined with eating keto. I will tell you more about it in another article!

Read more about the differences between using fat as fuel, and carbohydrates as fuel.


Bottom line

There are way more health benefits to experience on a Keto Diet. Above-mentioned are the most profound, and most likely to experience once your body is fat-adapted, and uses fats as primary fuel. Other keto health benefits you might experience are: a clearer skin, decreased levels of triglycerides & LDL cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and deeper sleep.

In addition, studies have shown potential health benefits for a wide variety of serious health conditions such as heart diseases, cancer, alzheimer’s, polycystic ovary syndrome, and depression. Therefore, there are different reasons to follow a Keto Diet.


Keep in mind that there’s no one-size-fits-all nutrition approach. Every individual is different, and therefore deserves a personalised nutrition program. 


Which health benefits do you experience?

Why do you follow a Keto Diet, and which health benefits do you experience? Leave a reply in the comments!


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3 profound keto health benefits besides rapid weight loss

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  • April 5, 2019 at 6:04 am

    It’s interesting that a keto diet has been getting credit about its effectivity in weight loss. Thanks for providing all other benefits for having this kind of diet. My friend is planning to be in a keto diet because she became very huge after giving birth. She is also looking to weight control services and products who can help her further apart from doing the keto diet. I hope both of them will be effective for her to get back in shape.


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