About Lots of Keto

About Lots of Keto: Lots of Keto is a platform, founded in October 2018, with the aim to simplify your individual keto journey with free…


  • Keto friendly recipes: delicious and easy breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snack, ánd drink recipes.
  • Complete keto meal plans for both vegetarians as pescotarians. These meal plans include shopping lists, nutritional values per meal and per day, and provide less than 30 grams of net carbs per day.
  • Keto tips & guides on how to get into ketosis as fast as possible, food lists, overcoming setbacks, and so on!


Besides free materials, Lots of keto…


People frequently associate a Keto Diet with extreme dieting and difficulties, and this needs to change! Therefore Lots of Keto provides materials that help you to start ánd maintain keto with success. And most importantly, in a fun, simple, and delicious way. I am here to guide you through all of the concerns and questions about this diet 🙂


Lots of Keto’s mission is to raise awareness of the positive health benefits of a Keto lifestyle among other (Dutch) Dietitians and individuals. This mission fits in the bigger picture of tackling the global epidemic of lifestyle diseases.