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The founder of Lots of Keto, is me: Lotte Damen. I am a 24-year old Registered Dietitian from The Netherlands, graduated last summer 2018. I have a curious, positive, energetic, and open-minded personality, and I am always willing to try new (adventurous) things. Experimenting with my food and diet is one of these things! Feeling as fit as possible is always my main motivator. This, because I am an enthusiastic long distance runner and I am always interested in how a certain lifestyle affects endurance performances. Now I’m fat-adapted, I notice an impressive improvement in my running performances. During my long runs, I don’t experience any energy crashes anymore for example. In addition, after my run my muscles don’t feel as sore as how they used to feel.

Besides increased energy levels, I noticed a clearer mind ánd a clearer skin after doing Keto for several months. It is the first ‘lifestyle’ on which I feel 100% my best self! Therefore, I decided to specialise with the aim to help others to experience the same. Of course, in a evidence-based manner.



About Lotte - Lots of KetoHow my interest in Keto nutrition started

My interest in Keto nutrition started in Cape Town, with my internship at The Noakes Foundation. During this 5-month internship, my interest had grown tremendously. After this internship, I started my specialisation in keto nutrition as a Registered Dietitian. Before going to Cape Town, I was eating vegan for half a year. I literally went from a low-fat high-carb vegan diet to a Keto pescotarian lifestyle. It was the best decision, and have never felt more energetic, focused and happy during my runs and daily life occupations. I am hooked, and therefore I want nothing more than to share my enthusiasm and passion with you!


Currently, I aim to grow awareness among individuals, businesses and other Dietitians of the positive effects and health benefits of a Keto lifestyle. This goal fits in the bigger picture of decreasing the number of people with western lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes Type 2, insulin resistance, cardiovascular problems and obesity. I truly believe, just like all other low-carb health professionals, that food should be a medicine.




About Lotte - Lots of Keto

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