Keto recipes: easy, delicious, and nutritious!

Starting a keto diet without exactly knowing which keto recipes to prepare and how to prepare these meals, can be quite challenging. For example, you have to determine whether a dish contains enough fats, not too many carbs, and a normal amount of protein… This is of course time consuming work!

Therefore, on Lots of Keto you find keto recipes that perfectly fit in a low-carb high-fat lifestyle, created by a dietitian. Now you don’t have to spend any more time on finding the right meals and calculating the nutritional value. Your only tasks left are: buying the ingredients, preparing the chosen dish, and enjoying it to the fullest!

In addition, these recipes show that keto food can be simple without being boring. Unfortunately, there’s still a misconception that being on a ketogenic diet equals boring and tasteless meals. There are so many products to choose from, and I really hope these recipes will inspire you to get creative yourself.

Explore the continuously growing archive of recipes yourself (or with others 😉 !


Keto recipes on Lots of Keto

Currently, Lots of Keto has the following 5 recipe categories on her blog:

Keto recipes: baked avocado egg - Lots of KetoKeto recipes: grilled eggplant panini - Lots of KetoKeto recipes: cauliflower mac & cheese - Lots of KetoKeto dessert recipes - Lots of KetoKeto snack recipes - Lots of Keto

  • Keto breakfast recipes that provide great energy and nutrients to really kickstart your day! From savoury to sweet, and from quick breakfast recipes for busy workdays to big brunches during chilled weekends.
  • Keto lunch recipes in all kind of ways: salads, eggs, buns… These dishes make sure you’ll fully enjoy your lunch break, either at work or at home!
  • Keto dinner recipes from all around the world. Since I travel quite frequently and have lots of international friends, I get inspired by many different countries and cultures. What to think of American keto burger buns, Italian keto veggie pizza, Indian paneer curry with keto naan bread… In other words: delicious keto recipes for every taste!
  • Keto dessert recipes who says you can’t eat desserts while being on keto? 😉 Sugar is not allowed on a keto diet, but there are still endless dessert options!
  • Keto snack recipes keto is a lifestyle, so there’s also room for some keto snacks and treats as long as you stick to your macros. Prepare yourself to taste the most heavenly savoury and sweet snacks.
  • Keto drink recipes: both cold beverages as warm keto drinks.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions with regard to new recipes. Is there any high-carb recipe that you still want to enjoy while doing keto? I am always open to try out new things and experiment whether I can create a low-carb version of it!


Nutritional value and portion size of these keto recipes

As a dietitian, I only share recipes with you that provide enough vitamins, minerals, and fibers. Also, you won’t find any highly processed food products in the ingredient lists.

For me, transparency is extremely important, and my followers should always know exactly what I put into my meals and dishes. Therefore, if there’s anything concerning you or if you have questions about certain ingredients, recipes or whatsoever, please feel absolutely free to contact me!

Keep in mind that all the meals on Lots of Keto provide enough calories and other nutrients for a moderately active to active woman. This means: working out for 2 – 2,5 hours per week on a moderate to high intensity level. If you are a man, or if you exercise on a higher level for example, you should increase your portion sizes to your daily caloric needs. Need help with this? Get in touch with me, and we can discuss the possibilities of creating a personalised nutrition program for you.


All the keto recipes on Lots of Keto

  • Provide you with the right ratio of fats / protein / carbohydrates.
  • Are easy to make (and mostly quick).
  • Can mostly be saved as leftovers or contain tips on how to save time.
  • Taste how a delicious keto recipe should taste.
  • Are simple but everything except boring!
  • Contain ingredients that play an important role in a well-formulated keto diet. Mostly, you can also find extra information on their nutritional value such as the amount of specific vitamins.
  • Contain wholesome foods (so no high-processed products or whatsoever).
  • Include the following nutritional values: calories, fats, protein, carbs, and fiber.
  • Come with easy step-by-step instructions.
  • Include variation tips.
  • Have been tested by a dietitian and her friends 🙂
  • Are an eye-catch as well!


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